Wednesday, March 4, 2009

God's Creations..... Tuesday, March 3rd..

Please note that these images are not 100% processed yet. I wanted to share with you my day, so I decided to fully process these later, but get a couple of them up now to share. :)

Yesterday was an amazing day out in the Santa Barbara Channel just off of Ventura.
Just off of Santa Cruz Island, we came upon two Humpbacks. They were feeding in the area and we watched a few cycles of blow with a couple of lazy tail flukes. After about 20-30 minutes, the crew decided to head over towards Anacapa Island to check out the very large group of Common Dolphins heading our way. They love the boats. Well, as we were turning around to head the opposite way of the Humpbacks, someone yelled, "Wow, look at that breach". They Humpbacks breached three times in a row and a spy hop. They have been known to do that when you start leaving them. Its almost like they are saying, "don't leave".

We waited to see if anything else was going to happen, but just a couple of breathing cycles and a tail fluke (wave good-bye) as they went on their deeper dive, so we headed off to the dolphins.

Dolphins were EVERYWHERE. Thousands of them. Yes, thousands. Even little babies tagging along beside their mother. In some areas, the water was like glass, shiny blue... Just beautiful!

Dave; the captain took us around to Arch Rock (east end of Anacapa Island) to view the Harbor Seals on the rocks. They were sunbathing as the sun peaked through the clouds as the Pelicans were flying everywhere.

As we headed back to the harbor, we kept our eyes out for a northern migrating gray whale, but we didn't see one. Its a hit and miss right now as we are in-between the southern and northern migrations, but it was still a fabulous day.

Hope everyone is doing good. Have a wonderful week... :)


  1. After last Monday this was an absolutely great day I see. Wonderful photos.

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  2. Thanks Leedra... Yes, those Humpbacks breaching/spy hopping made it the best trip ever! :)

  3. Your photos left me breathless! Spectacular! Especially the shot of the 3 dolphins swimming side by side!

  4. The photo of the whale breaching the water and the last photo of the three dolphins are just breath-taking! So beautiful. The other photos are beautiful also, but those two photos really brought joy to my heart. God creates such beauty in the world. Thank you for taking the time to show your appreciation for that beauty with photography.

    I just returned from a trip to Arizona where I saw Monument Valley. It was also breath-taking. I will be posting more photos of Arizona on my blog.

  5. Awesome post Michelle. I'm so glad I've been in that area even though it wasn't during the whale season. Spectacular viewing. I appreciate you sharing it...makes my heart leap whether I'm there in person or not!