Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Who ever thought Western Gulls (Larus occidentalis) could be so CUTE...... A peak of what is coming soon (Blues, Islands,Humpbacks, Rissos) ...

Doesn't this look so peaceful??

Hello Everyone...
Is it just me or is time flying by way toooo FAST???

June 1st I had the second chance to go out to Anacapa Island to photograph the baby Gull chicks. I went out a few weeks before (Thursday, May 14th), but there were still just eggs. Here are some photos from this trip:

Just my luck, they started hatching on Friday, May 15th, so I was eager to get back out there. :):):)

Did you ever think Gull's could be soooo adorable?? I didn't until I saw the chicks. :):)

Some of the chicks were all of two weeks old and others were younger. Some eggs still hadn't hatched yet, but the good news is, on June 1st, I only saw one chick that didn't survive. They do have a high mortality rate.

The mothers of the chicks are very protective and seem to have that penetrating stare of a way to let you know they are watching your every step.. Sometimes it felt that way. On the lower trail, it was like a war zone. Gulls squawking everywhere and doing attempt fly by attacks. It was intense walking along the lower trail in comparison to the upper trail and the trail out to the Lighthouse.

In early spring, the gull prepares a nest of vegetation and then lays up to three eggs. The eggs are then incubated for about a month. Once the chicks have been hatched, they remain in the area not far usually from the nest until they develop their flight wings and learn how to fly.


Coming soon....

I had the opportunity to go out to Scorpion Ranch, Santa Cruz Island on Friday, May 8th. It's a beautiful, large island - 26 miles long. A couple of us hiked from Scorpion Ranch out to Potato Harbor, had a picnic lunch and then made our way back along the coastal cliffs stopping for a few minutes at Cavern Point just above Scorpion Bay. There is a beautiful campground with several hiking trails around the area. The Island Fox roams the area and can often be seen near the campgrounds.

Kayaking is a popular activity off of Santa Cruz Island. It's a good place for beginners up to advance kayakers. Lots of sea caves, wildlife and just beautiful scenery.

More photos to come....


I took my yearly one week vacation to San Juan Island off the coast of Washington. What a BEAUTIFUL place. More photos and information coming soon...

Spock breaching with Granny in the background...
To learn more about the Southern Resident Community, please go to my last year post: The "Other" Residents
If you are in the area and want an awesome experience whale - wildlife watching I highly recommend these two companies: Maya's Westside Charters
and Sweetwater Wildlife Charters.

June 28th I had the opportunity to go out to Santa Rosa Island. It's known for its white beaches. It's a beautiful, remote island that is part of the Channel Islands National Park. Full posting and photos coming soon...


I have gone out a few times on Island Packers this summer to photograph the Blue Whales which we also encountered some friendly Humpbacks and a couple of Cow Calf pairs. I will be doing a full post on them within the next week... It's been a WONDERFUL season so far with the largest animals on earth. I also finally got to see Risso Dolphins..



To whom it may concern, Island Packers is very respectful of the whales and obeys the laws in regard to 100 yards, not trapping them, etc... The photo below of the Blue Whale passing by up close to the boat we were surrounded by Blue's and these two Blue Whales came right towards us, but the boat was shut down, and we were waiting for a safe time & opening to leave.


And the wanna-be Orca coming soon... :)

Hope you all had a safe and wonderful 4th of July.. Happy Summer!

Until next time......