Saturday, February 7, 2009

Anacapa Island

A couple of days after Christmas while Kayla was spending some time at her grandparents, I took advantage of that by taking a day trip out to Anacapa Island. It was a beautiful morning leaving out of Oxnard harbor.

This is a view of Oxnard coastline.

On the way out to Anacapa Island, you have the opportunity of seeing some marine wildlife like the Common Dolphins.

Across the Santa Barbara Channel within the Channel Islands National Park sits Anacapa Island.
The island is located approximately 12 miles off the coast of Ventura, California. It is a small volcanic island made up of three small islets in which are all connected by reefs, and was discovered in 1542 by Cabrillo.

The west and middle portions of the island is closed off to the public except for Frenchy's Cove Beach. The west end is a nesting ground for brown Pelicans, which is protected.

The east end is open to the public and is one square mile in size. Waves have eroded the island, creating steep, towering cliffs, caves and Arch Rock; the forty-foot-high natural bridge.

After climbing 150 stairs to the top of the island, this is the view looking west including the only buildings on the island. To name a few of the buildings; rangers residence, water tank building, visitors center.

Hiking along the well, outlined trail, I came to Cathedral Cove. This is another viewpoint area towards the west.

Coreopsis (below) and iceplant (above) covers the island and blooms in the spring. However, when I was there late December, portions of the iceplant were already in bloom.

At the west end of the eastern part of Anacapa Island is a viewpoint called Inspiration Point. It's a beautiful view of the other islets that make up Anacapa Island. The far distance land in the photo below is Santa Cruz Island. Looks like its perpendicular to the west end of Anacapa.

From the western end of the eastern part of the island, this is the beautiful view below looking east which includes the buildings and Anacapa Lighthouse.

On the north side of the island is a viewpoint called Pinniped Point. Looking east from there is this scene with the California coastline in the far distance.

The United States Coast Guard built a light beacon in 1912 and a light station in 1932.
Anacapa Lighthouse was the last one built by the U.S. Lighthouse Service.

Birds, Sea Lions and Harbor Seals have made Anacapa Island their home.

Beautiful kelp forests around the island make it an ideal location for diving, snorkeling and kayaking.

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Hope everyone is having a terrific weekend - staying dry and warm.