Friday, January 21, 2011

Grays & Santa Cruz Island

Scorpion Ranch

Cavern Point & Potato Harbor Trail

Anacapa Island in the distance

Frenchies Cove on Anacapa Island was on the schedule for Wednesday, but due to the swell and wind, we had to go with plan b; Scorpion on Santa Cruz Island. It was very windy hiking on the island. I decided to go through the campground and up what used to be a fire road, but now looks like its been all washed out, but I continued forward climbing over rocks, and walking up a dirt trail. If I was there a few weeks ago in the middle of all that rain, this route probably would of had water running down the hill. I reached the top and took the so called trail out to Potato Harbor. The condition of that trail was not the best, and with the wind, it was a little nerve racking at times, so I didn't stay long. I then returned to Scorpion via Cavern Point. The island was so green from all the rain we've had, it was pretty. I saw a couple of spouts in the distance of Gray Whales going down the south side of Santa Cruz Island. I made it back to Scorpion Ranch and still had some time, so I decided to hike further east to the first point. The trail in that direction was in good condition, although I don't know what it looked like before since this was my first time on it, but it was a wide, dirt trail. The wind was mild, so it was more tolerable to stop and take some photos. I saw a few more blows from the Gray Whales on my way back to the pier.

These photos of the Gray Whales were taken on another trip.

Mainland in the far distance. Two Gray Whales on the surface starting to go down on their deep dive.

Two Gray Whales surfacing along the south side of Anacapa Island

For Christine....