Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rainbow & Santa Cruz Island

**click on each photo for a better view**

I heard on the radio last Thursday that Ventura County was suppose to have flash flooding due to intense down pour between 3-4p.m., so I decided to grab my camera on my way out the door to pick up Kayla from school since we leave her school at 3p.m. My hopes were to see a rainbow. Kayla was still quite energetic, and was enjoying the time in the car, so she was in no hurry to get home.  On our way home I saw a dense rainbow, so I decided to get off the freeway and do a little side driving (head the back way home) to see what we see. 

The rainbow only lasted a minute, and never could find a better angle, view of it, so I decided to go home and grab K's medications before we headed back out. It looked like it was raining inland and I just knew there had to be more rainbows popping up, plus the lighting was what I call "rainbow lighting". When we got home, there was another dense rainbow over the school by our house, but not much of one to take a photo of. 

I needed open space for our next rainbow as I was wanting to see a "great" rainbow. Ya know, those double rainbows. We found a spot that looked like it was raining in the distance with nice "rainbow lighting" in foreground, so I decided to park and wait. I had Kayla entertaining me playing her music as I watched for the rainbow to appear. 45 minutes later still nothing, so I decided to turn around and head home. Well, just then a rainbow appeared; not a big one, but just a piece of one. Still good enough for us, plus the lighting was gorgeous. I took a few photos and then we went home. 

I decided to take the day off on Friday from life and head out to the islands with a friend, and take a nice long hike out to Smugglers Cove on Santa Cruz Island. Intense hike to say the least (still sore three days later), but it felt good to get out and do some hiking. I hadn't been on the islands since the beginning of the year, and I hadn't done any hiking since early summer, so I was over due. 

It was an 8 mile round trip hike due to the way we came back - took an additional hike. It sure was a gorgeous day out. 

I have the hardest time getting my horizon straight, even in the editing phase. A few still seem off to me. 

We came across two Island Foxes; one along the trail to El Montanon Ridge, and one in the typical spot; picnic tables by the Visitor Center.  

Hope everyone is doing good.