Monday, February 7, 2011

January 7, 2011.. Interesting day...

On January 7th, I went whale watching in the morning. It was clear in some areas, foggy in others that came and went throughout the day. I ended up gong on the afternoon trip as well. The fog and clouds changed constantly throughout the day over Anacapa Island, which is what made the day interesting.

Here are some photos :)

In this photo, you can see further down the island the cloud cover over the middle islet. I have some closer ones to show you of it soon. :)

The sunset was sensational heading back into the harbor. It was not a full sky sunset, only one little area in the sky had the dramatic clouds and colors.

First trip we saw a ton of very active Sea Lions. That was the first time in years that I have seen them that active. We did find a mom and calf Gray Whale in the middle of the channel, more so on the northern route even though she was heading south. The young one that was with her seemed quite young (several days old) and unfortunately, it didn't look very healthy.

The second trip, we were able to go around the arch and to the first area of Sea Lions before turning back around and going along the front side of Anacapa Island. The captain; Jason received a call from Anthony; another boat captain that was taking people to Santa Cruz Island. Well, he told Jason that there was a whale near Scorpion (east end of Santa Cruz Island). Jason went out there anyway knowing that it would put us back into the harbor late.

Sometimes the weather can prevent IPCO to cover the whole area that the whales usually are when traveling through our channel, like today.

Here are a couple of pics. I am going to post several more later of Anacapa Island with interesting changes.

Enjoy! :)